Why Can’t it Be Like it Was?

(Brian Woodbury)

Why can’t it be like it was
when our cassettes hit rewind,
Back when the future was ours
and President Nixon resigned.

Things were all starting to change
“The senate approves E.R.A.”
We finally left Vietnam.
People said, “Have a nice day.”

Why can’t it be like it was?
Why can’t it be like it was going to be?
Why can’t it be like it was?
The world we all thought we could see, like it was.

Women and men could be friends.
Everyone claimed to be bi.
I’m okay, you’re okay too.
On the street, people got high.

We’d switch to meters and grams.
Legalize victimless crime.
We’d solar power the world.
There was still plenty of time.

Why can’t it be like it was?
Why can’t it be like it was going to be?
Almost just wasn’t enough.
Though everyone seemed to agree that it was.

It’s not that I’d choose to live just like they used to somehow, somehow…
But it’s not even close to what it was supposed to be by now.

We started saving the whales.
No more nukes not far behind.
It was all gonna come true,
When President Nixon resigned.

Why can’t it be like it was?
Why can’t it be like it was going to be?
Just ’cause the goin’ got tough,
we coulda held on, couldn’t we?

Why did we have to give up?
Couldn’t it be like it was going to be?
Let’s start from where we left off
by setting our old future free.
’Cause if we try, why can’t it be like it was?

The Smile He Took Away

(Brian Woodbury)

She used to light the room. She’d share her smile so freely.
A laugh for everyone. And I was hers completely.

But she was never mine. The words I wanted to say…
I guess I missed my chance for that sweet smile he took away

At first he came to stare. So tough and yet so helpless.
He found her welcome eyes, and burned until she melted.

Too soon it was too late. I never asked her to stay.
By now I should move on, but for that smile he took away.

And she’s still smiling in my mind.
And I’m still hanging on to that lifeline,
That once-in-a-lifetime.

Guess what? He broke her heart. She’s gone where he can’t find her.
To try and start again, and put that life behind her.

I saw her in this bar. She’s just the same to this day
same voice and hair and face, all but the smile he took away.

Get a Room

(Brian Woodbury/Bill Burnett)

Well, we’re sittin’ cheek-to-cheek down at Cantina de Juanita
when things start heatin’ up after our second margarita.
I’m givin’ mouth-to-mouth and we are seein’ eye-to-eye.
We’re kissin’ fit to kiss our inhibitions goodbye.
But when her hand starts reachin’ for my fruit-of-the-loom,
the guy behind the bar hollers, “Get a room!”
“Get a room!” I hear the fella yell
“Get a room! This is not a motel.
You’re driving off my customers, like Monday afternoon.
If you’re hungry for each other – get a room!”
We’re in no shape for drivin’ when we get back to the Chevy.
She climbs up on my lap and things start gettin’ hot and heavy.
I’m checkin’ out her chassis and she’s blowin’ on my horn.
I haven’t stuck the key in but her engine is warm.
We’re makin’ quite a scene I guess it’s safe to assume.
’Cause a cop bangs on the window, shoutin’ “Get a room!”

“Get a room! You’re attractin’ attention.
Get a room! You’re gonna wreck your suspension.
This vehicle can’t handle all that vroom-vroom-vroom.
Before I haul you asses in, now – get a room!”
Ixnay on that public display of affection, they tell us.
It’s way too risqué, they all say but I think they’re just jealous.

(Get a room.) We hear it in the elevator.
(Get a room.) we hear it in the movie the-ater.
In the backseat of the taxi, when the driver starts to fume,
“You’re steamin’ up my rear-view mirror. Get a room!”

“Get a room!” they tell us in our shopping cart.
“Get a room! It ain’t that kind of Kwik-E-Mart.”
And when the preacher tells us, “I pronounce you bride and groom,”
he says, “Get up off that altar, will ya? Get a room!
I told ya you could kiss the bride! Now, get a room!
You’ll never get to heaven till you get a room.”

My Country

(Brian Woodbury)

My country is a rustlin’ field of wheat.
And my country is a bustlin’ city street.
And my country is the place where both ends meet.

My country is dreadlocks and a redneck buzzcut trim.
My country is west side story in a Texas high school gym.
It’s a hot date, stayin’ out late. And then a Sunday morning hymn.
My country. That is my country.

From the city square to the county fair,
I believe in my country.
Be it boom or bust, or in God we trust,
it takes all of us to make my country.

My country is a yoga class and a Bible study group.
It’s a NASCAR dad and an undergrad on a Yellowstone hiking loop.
It’s the fast lane and the great chain and the Indian’s sacred hoop.

In my country we remember and we honor fallen braves.
To my country hopeful migrants are still coming on in waves.
For my country is the one that freed the slaves.
My country. That is my country.

From the city square to the county fair,
I believe in my country.
To be free and just, disagree we must.
It takes all of us to make our country.
This is our country, this is our country.

Everybody Wants to Say I Do

(Brian Woodbury/Rob Shapiro)

Katie could sing, ’n’ Katie could run twice as good as me.
Funny and smart. No stoppin’ Katie for nothin’.

Just one of the crew, raisin’ a beer, and singin’ our favorite songs.
But all of that time, Katie was lookin’ for somethin’, somethin’.

Then one day, Katie’s dream came true when she proposed to Mary Lou.

Everybody wants to say I do
It’s a mystery how love comes true.
But when the puzzle pieces fit, you get one from two.
Everybody wants to say I do, etc.

Now, Mike was a Jet. And Perry, a Shark. Fort Worth, senior year.
Practicin’ late. Stayin’ up half the night laughin’.

Parties and plans, ditchin’ P.E. Singin’ their favorite songs.
Countin’ the days. Believin’ that whatever happens happens.

It took ’em nearly half their lives to face what they knew in ’eighty five.

Everybody wants to say I do.
Even though some folks don’t want ’em to.
But it ain’t up to me, and it ain’t up to you.
Everybody wants to say I do, etc.

In the good book, love is the one and only light.
And in a hard world, love is the one thing not to hide,
to knock down or deny.

I never dreamed I’d love again, and sing my favorite songs.
But she came along, and we found a home in each other, and I love her.

Someone else’s love don’t change a thing in my wedding vows or this wedding ring.

Everybody wants to say I do.
To stand in front of family, proud and true.
All across the world and in your home town too.
Everybody wants to say I do.

Everybody wants to say I do
Gotta grab that bouquet if it comes to you.
When the stars align, your brightest light shines through.
Everybody wants to say I do, etc.

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