The Smile He Took Away

(Brian Woodbury)

She used to light the room. She’d share her smile so freely.
A laugh for everyone. And I was hers completely.

But she was never mine. The words I wanted to say…
I guess I missed my chance for that sweet smile he took away

At first he came to stare. So tough and yet so helpless.
He found her welcome eyes, and burned until she melted.

Too soon it was too late. I never asked her to stay.
By now I should move on, but for that smile he took away.

And she’s still smiling in my mind.
And I’m still hanging on to that lifeline,
That once-in-a-lifetime.

Guess what? He broke her heart. She’s gone where he can’t find her.
To try and start again, and put that life behind her.

I saw her in this bar. She’s just the same to this day
same voice and hair and face, all but the smile he took away.

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