Everybody Wants to Say I Do

(Brian Woodbury/Rob Shapiro)

Katie could sing, ’n’ Katie could run twice as good as me.
Funny and smart. No stoppin’ Katie for nothin’.

Just one of the crew, raisin’ a beer, and singin’ our favorite songs.
But all of that time, Katie was lookin’ for somethin’, somethin’.

Then one day, Katie’s dream came true when she proposed to Mary Lou.

Everybody wants to say I do
It’s a mystery how love comes true.
But when the puzzle pieces fit, you get one from two.
Everybody wants to say I do, etc.

Now, Mike was a Jet. And Perry, a Shark. Fort Worth, senior year.
Practicin’ late. Stayin’ up half the night laughin’.

Parties and plans, ditchin’ P.E. Singin’ their favorite songs.
Countin’ the days. Believin’ that whatever happens happens.

It took ’em nearly half their lives to face what they knew in ’eighty five.

Everybody wants to say I do.
Even though some folks don’t want ’em to.
But it ain’t up to me, and it ain’t up to you.
Everybody wants to say I do, etc.

In the good book, love is the one and only light.
And in a hard world, love is the one thing not to hide,
to knock down or deny.

I never dreamed I’d love again, and sing my favorite songs.
But she came along, and we found a home in each other, and I love her.

Someone else’s love don’t change a thing in my wedding vows or this wedding ring.

Everybody wants to say I do.
To stand in front of family, proud and true.
All across the world and in your home town too.
Everybody wants to say I do.

Everybody wants to say I do
Gotta grab that bouquet if it comes to you.
When the stars align, your brightest light shines through.
Everybody wants to say I do, etc.

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