(Brian Woodbury)

Man, that trucker’s got a load to haul:
watermelon piled ten feet tall.
I’m just tailin’ him until they fall.
Mm-mm-mm, I brake for watermelon.

Migrant farmer sweatin’ in the sun,
working hard until the day is done.
Bet his kids are happy he kept one
Mm-mm-mm, he breaks for watermelon

(Water-) Crack it open at the middle
(melon) Red to the rind
(Watermelon) Cool me down and have a little
I don’t even use a spoon for mine
Who wants watermelon?

Soldier comin’ home from overseas,
holds his family, fallin’ on his knees,
Can’t believe the sight of one of these
Mm-mm-mm, let’s have some watermelon!

Baby child at a picnic spot.
“Mama, looky at what those folks brought.”
First taste of melon that I ever got.
Mm-mm-mm, thanks for the watermelon!

(Water-) Now you know that summer’s startin’.
(melon) Fourth of july.
(Watermelon) Eve told Adam in the garden,
“We can eat a whole one if we try!”
Who wants watermelon?

Summer in the city, gettin’ mean and cross
in the heat from the deli’s AC exhaust.
Found the last container underneath the frost.
Mm-mm-mm, I break for watermelon

Little later, come on by your place.
Watermelon drippin down my face.
Lean on over let you have a taste.
Mm-mm-mm, let’s break for watermelon.

Rise up early, pull it off the vine.
Wipe the dew away and watch it shine.
Cool it in a tub o’ water, bide your time.
Mm-mm-mm, I break for watermelon

Take it out back to the shade of your house.
A cool breeze blowin’ from north to south.
Taste America tricklin’ down your mouth.
So let the juice run, spit the seeds out,
for next year’s watermelon

(Water-) Friday lunch and Sunday dinner.
(melon) Juicy and fine .
(Watermelon) Savin’ all the rain o’ winter.
Soakin’ up the sun o’ the summertime.

(Water-) Crack it open at the middle.
(melon) Red to the rind.
(Watermelon) Duddn’t matter if you dribble.
I don’t even use a spoon for mine
Who wants watermelon? etc.

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