The Chorus

Kathi Funston

background vocals (Get a Room, Why Can’t it Be Like it Was?, The Brill Building, Keep Your Head in the Light) is a Los Angeles-based singer, actress, and writer/producer who splits her time between performing and writing/producing. She currently performs with vocal jazz group Turnstyle as their lead soprano and music director. Kathi is also co-creator of the award-winning comedy web series Couch Cases.

Bill Burnett

background vocals (Get a Room, Watermelon) see bio under Co-Writers.

Moira Smiley

background vocals (Get a Room, The Brill Building, Watermelon) is a singer-composer who leads moira smiley & VOCO, travels the world as a soloist and creates new work for dance, theatre and film. Her voice can be heard in feature films, TV (BBC, PBS), NPR, and on over 40 recordings. Her own recordings feature spare, vocally driven collections of warped traditionals and new song. She has sung with Paul Hillier’s Theater of Voices, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, KITKA Vocal Ensemble and New World Symphony. Featured at Lincoln Center, UCLALive, Royal Festival Hall, and music festivals across the U.S. and Canada, receiving praise from Billboard and Gramophone. Moira also works as a vocal clinician and composes for vocal ensembles around the world — her song “Stand in that River” is performed by thousands internationally.

Paul F. Perry

background vocals (That’s Just Monday, Why Can’t it Be Like it Was?) first worked with Brian as a featured vocalist on “The Brian Woodbury Songbook” in 2000, tours the US and abroad as a member of the comedy/a cappella quartet The Blanks, a.k.a. “Ted’s Band” from NBC’s (and later ABC’s) hit sitcom Scrubs. Paul arranges vocals and composes songs for television; his co-composition “Guy Love” from the Scrubs episode “My Musical” was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics. He first worked with Brian as a featured vocalist on The Brian Woodbury Songbook.

Joe Moe

background vocals (Everybody Wants to Say I Do) is a third generation Polynesian entertainer, (solo CD: Mainland), screenwriter (Red Velvet) and designer of dark-rides for international theme parks. He edits the retro-issue of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine and co-edits Mad Monster mag. He currently hosts a creepy radio show called The Black Thirsty. He is also developing new stage musicals with Brian Woodbury. Drop in and say Aloha!

Dudley Saunders

background vocals (Everybody Wants to Say I Do) is a Singer-songwriter whose third album, The Emergency Lane, won Best Album at the 2009 Outmusic Awards.  He is currently recording his fourth.

Richard Hefner

background vocals (That’s Just Monday) singer/lyricist/composer living in Los Angeles. His single And I Cried is about to be released as a It Gets Better download benefitting the Trevor Project. Richard is working on a revision of his one-man musical Caste of the Wounded Tongues as well as collaborating with Brian Woodbury Joe Moe on a musical set on a porn shoot.

Elma Mayer

background vocals (The Brill Building), see bio under Co-Writers.

Aoife Calderon, Phoebe Bridgers, Juniper Woodbury

background vocals (Keep Your Head in the Light)

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