John Goss

designer, is an American artist and designer who has collaborated with Brian Woodbury and friends on a variety of projects since the 1980s. More about John and his works at

Eric Liljestrand

co-mixing (Everybody Wants to Say I Do) is a Grammy winning producer/engineer who had a top ten album with Lucinda Williams’s Little Honey, and co-produced her latest album, Blessed with Don Was and Thomas Overby.  He has toured internationally as a guitarist, composed music for television and was nominated for two Emmy Awards.  Other credits include Robert Altman, U2, Diamanda Galas, Arthur Russell, Phillip Glass and Laurie Anderson.

Jonathan Feinberg

co-arranging (All the People), played drums with Brian Woodbury and his Popular Music Group, Lisa Loeb and They Might Be Giants in the 1990s. He created the Wordle word cloud. He works as a software engineer at Google.

Johanna Shapiro

photos of Rob and Brian, is a painter, jewelry maker, batik artist and writer. She has taught art, and worked for Americorps. She is the personal assistant for actor and activist James Cromwell. She is married to Rob Shapiro.

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