Chris Phillips

drums (Everybody Wants to Say I Do) is best known as the drummer and founding member of the Squirrel Nut Zippers. He recently wrote and recorded songs for the film Burlesque.

Mark Pardy

drums (Bottle of Brown) hails from Bournemouth, England, has played drums since the age of 8. He has played in over 25 countries. He moved to New York in 1995, where he played with Rob Shapiro and Populuxe. In 2004 resettled in Las Vegas, where he plays in The Lion King. He hits Ayotte custom drums & Sabian cymbals with his Promark 808 sticks.

Michael Webster

keyboards & samples (The Brill Building); co-arranging (The Brill Building, Pass it Down) see bio under Co-Writers.

Khalil Sabbagh

vibes & percussion (Shadows) of the Indiana Sabbaghs, enjoys music, sports and arts and crafts. He and his wife, Ginger Smith, head up the Culver City Interdisciplinary Arts and Crafts Compound, which is extremely cool. If you’d like more information, ask someone who is extremely cool and knows what’s up.

Dan Levine

trombones (Shadows) is one of the most in-demand and versatile low brass players in NYC. He has played on most of the continents and recorded with artists as diverse as They Might Be Giants, Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen, and Jay-Z. His ongoing obsessions include vintage ribbon mics, fixed gear bikes, and the ideal of unfettered interpersonal communication.

Nick Ariondo

accordion (Pass it Down) is a concert artist and composer of international prominence. Equally proficient in musical styles ranging from the great classics to modern contemporary, ethnic and jazz, Mr. Ariondo has won accolades from Zubin Mehta and Lalo Schifrin as a true innovator of the instrument. He leads of The Nick Ariondo Chamber Ensemble.

Luis Molina

guitar & mariachi voc (Pass it Down) is a filmmaker, photographer and musician. He leads a folkloric Mexican group Mariachi Estrella. And he heads the charitable organization iMariachi bringing entertainment to the disabled.

Ramon Rodriguez

guitarrĂ³n & mariachi voc (Pass it Down)

Arturo Zavala

violin & mariachi voc (Pass it Down)

Mario Lomeli

vihuela & mariachi voc (Pass it Down)

Abel Lopez

trumpet & mariachi voc (Pass it Down)

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